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A young man with little in the way of a conscience crosses paths with a fellow whose past is more than he can bear in this drama from Poland. Bartek (Amil Mackowiak) is a corrupt but ambitious business student who has a thriving underground business arranging for failing pupils to hire brighter peers to take their tests for them. While Bartek is taking a train out of town, he meets Ula (Katarzyna Maciag), whose brother is one of his friends, and he's immediately attracted to her even though he already has a girlfriend, Kasia (Karolina Gorczyca). While trailing Ula, Bartek notices a middle-aged man, Mezczyzna (Jan Frycz), who is behaving strangely; Bartek is convinced he's up to no good, and with some help from Ula he follows the stranger through the train station and bullies him into sharing his story. Years before, Mezczyzna fell in love with Irena (Aleksandra Konieczna), who was dating his best friend, and to get him out of the picture Mezczyzna informed on him to the secret police. Decades later, Mezczyzna finds he can no longer live with the guilt, and wants to fake his own death so he can start life over again. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi