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Don't mistake this movie for the stormy special-effects blockbuster of the same name; the two films are light years apart. Based on Mary Robison's novel Oh!, this Twister was the quirky first feature from screenwriter/director Michael Almereyda (Michael Almereyda, Michael Almereyda) about an eccentric soda-pop tycoon and his dysfunctional family. Suzy Amis plays Maureen Cleveland, a single mother who lives with her precocious daughter, Violet (Lindsay Christman), and her very strange brother, Howdy (Crispin Glover), in the family mansion, tended by the young live-in housekeeper, Lola (Charlaine Woodward). Maureen's ex-boyfriend Chris (Violet's father) comes back to town with the intention of rescuing Maureen and Violet from Kansas so they can start a family of their own. This turns out to be more difficult than he expected. Maureen is still angry about their break-up and seems unresponsive to his earnest and somewhat clumsy displays of affection. Howdy is too busy writing nonsensical songs and hanging out with his new girlfriend, Stephanie (Jenny Wright), to be of any help. To complicate matters, their father, Eugene (Harry Dean Stanton), shows up with a prudish children's TV evangelist named Virginia (Lois Chiles) and announces their engagement. No one gets along, and soon all are trapped indoors during a particularly bad Kansas twister. As the storm rages outside, Maureen and Howdy cook up a plan to find their long-lost mother, who may be the only person who can explain why they are all so odd. Like Almereyda's later films, Twister is a kaleidoscope of absurd conversations, oddball characters, and events that seem to happen for no reason at all. It's a perfect vehicle for Crispin Glover, who delivers some of the film's wackiest dialogue as the rich kid comfortably living in his own fantasy world. Tim Robbins makes an appearance as Stephanie's jealous ex-boyfriend Jeff, and author William S. Burroughs has a cameo as a farmer shooting targets in an empty barn. ~ Anthony Reed, Rovi

  • Release date:June 30, 1989


Awarded by
Independent Spirit Awards Michael Almereyda Best First Feature 1990 Nominee


Harry Dean Stanton
as Eugene Cleveland
Suzy Amis
as Maureen Cleveland
Crispin Glover
as Howdy Cleveland
Dylan McDermott
as Chris
Jenny Wright
as Stephanie
Lois Chiles
as Virginia
Charlaine Woodard
as Lola
William S. Burroughs
as Man in Barn
Donal Donnelly
as Doctor
Tim Robbins
as Jeff
Ron Vawter
as Man in Bar
Donal Donnelly
as Doctor
Tim Robbins
as Jeff


Michael Almereyda
Wieland Schulz-Keil
Michael Almereyda
Joe Gayton
Renato Berta
Hans Zimmer
Composer (Music Score)
Roberto Silvi
David Wasco
Production Designer
Dan Bishop
Art Director
Dan Ireland
Executive Producer
William J. Quigley
Executive Producer
Dianna Freas
Set Designer
Aron Warner
Production Manager