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The Story of Robin Hood Details


Better known as The Story of Robin Hood, this colorful costume adventure was the second made-in-Britain production for Hollywood's Walt Disney. Avoiding the familiar episodes covered in previous "Robin Hood" films, this Disney effort still manages to adhere to the basic chronology. Richard Todd stars as the Earl of Huntington, who loses his title and his lands after besting the despotic Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Finch) at an archery tournament. Reinventing himself as Robin Hood, our hero rounds up other victims of the oppression of the Sheriff and his dictatorial liege Prince John (Hubert Gregg), and thus the "Merry Men" are born. Robbing the rich to give to the poor, Robin manages to elude the villains and to prove his loyalty to John's brother Richard the Lionhearted (Patrick Barr) by raising the money for Richard's ransom. The Queen (Martita Hunt) is to deliver the ransom to Richard's Austrian captors, but Prince John schemes to steal the money and place the blame on Robin Hood. Maid Marian (Joan Rice) gets wind of this plan but is locked in John's dungeon before she can warn Robin and his men. How can virtue triumph with these odds? But triumph it does, as everyone in the audience knew it would. The success of The Story of Robin Hood inspired Disney to produce two additional British films, Joan Rice and Joan Rice. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Richard Todd
as Robin Hood
Joan Rice
as Maid Marian
Peter Finch
as Sheriff of Nottingham
James Hayter
as Friar Tuck
James Robertson Justice
as Little John
Martita Hunt
as Queen Eleanor
Bill Owen
as Stutely
Hubert Gregg
as Prince John
Michael Hordern
as Scathelock
Patrick Barr
as Richard I the Lionheart
Reginald Tate
as Hugh Fitzooth
Hal Osmond
as Midge the Miller
Clement McCallin
as Earl of Huntingdon
Louise Hampton
as Tyb
Anthony Eustrel
as Archbishop of Canterbury
Anthony Forwood
as Will Scarlett
John Brooking
Archie Duncan
as Red Gill
Richard Graydon
Geoffrey Lumsden
Ewen Solon
Julian Somers
as Posse Leader
Jack Taylor
as The Merrie Men
Bill Travers
as Posse Man
Elton Hayes
as Allan-a-Dale
Bill Travers
as Posse Man
Jack Taylor
as The Merrie Men
Julian Somers
as Posse Leader
Archie Duncan
as Red Gill


Ken Annakin
Perce Pearce
Guy Green
Muir Mathieson
Musical Direction/Supervision
Clifton Parker
Composer (Music Score)
Gordon Pilkington
Arthur Lawson
Art Director
Carmen Dillon
Art Director
Geoffrey Rodway