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The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo Details


A prequel to The Jungle Book, this live-action kids' film follows the young wild boy Mowgli (Jamie Williams) as he's pursued through the late 19th century Indian jungle by a variety of "civilized" men, each seeking him for their own nefarious purposes. When Mowgli is spotted by the passengers on a train, Harrison (Bill Campbell), an employee of P.T. Barnum, immediately orders his underlings to capture the kid, who will make a first-rate sideshow attraction for his boss. Joining the hunt for Mowgli is Buldeo (Gulshan Grover), a local nobleman who is secretly Mowgli's uncle and wants the boy dead so that he can inherit his brother's vast fortune. Also on the hunt is Chuchundra (David Paul Francis) and his trained monkey, and the evil tracker Karait (Dyrk Ashton), who has trained a giant python to locate whatever prey its master chooses. Trying to evade the determined hunting party with the help of his animal pals like the bear Baloo and the panther Bagheera, Mowgli stumbles upon a great lost city in the jungle, where the mad King Murphy (Roddy McDowall) rules over a monkey empire and becomes Mowgli's unlikely ally. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:May 16, 1997


Bill Campbell
as Harrison
Roddy McDowall
as King Murphy
Gulshan Grover
as Buldeo
Dyrk Ashton
as Karait
B.J. Hogg
as Col. Reece
Hal Fowler
as Capt. Ward
B.J. Hogg
as Col. Reece


Duncan McLachlan
Bayard Johnson
Adolfo Bartoli
Marcus Manton
Errol Kelly
Production Designer
Sunil Wijeratne
Art Director
Paul Takis
Art Director
Mohammed Yusef
Peter Shepherd
Sharad Patel
Executive Producer
Mark Damon
Executive Producer
Ann Hollowood
Costume Designer
Cameron Hamza
Sound/Sound Designer
Dean Fronk
Jo Gilbert
Rudyard Kipling
Short Story Author