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A woman whose husband is making her life a living hell decides to return the favor in this dark comedy-drama from writer and director James Westby. Meris (Katie O'Grady) and Mitch (John Keyser) are a recently married couple who are moving from California to Oregon under less than ideal circumstances -- his computer firm went bust and he's taking a job with and old high-school buddy. Meris is awkward and bookish, while Mitch looks like a linebacker and thinks he should have done better (for that matter, Meris thinks she should have done better, too). Mitch's high-school friends make no secret of the fact they don't like Meris, and when, after too much wine at a dinner party, she lets slip a very embarrassing secret about her husband their relationship starts to bottom out. Mitch starts spending time with his high-school girlfriend (Storm Large), and Meris decides to get revenge on Mitch by making a spectacle of herself; after taking a job at a candy shop and making friends with the eccentric Trudy (Orianna Herrman), she begins having affairs with strange men, throws herself head first into the local punk-rock scene, stages curious performances at karaoke bars, and turns into a performance artist who terrorizes strangers in public. Music fans take note: In Rid Of Me, one of Meris' lovers is played by Art Alexakis, leader of the band Everclear, while Mitch's former flame is played by Storm Large, who was a contestant on the rock-themed reality show Everclear. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:November 18, 2011


Katie O'Grady
as Meris Canfield
Storm Large
as Briann Lockwood
Theresa Russell
as Mrs. Lockwood
Art Alexakis
as Virgil
Melik Malkasian
as Masud
Betty Moyer
as Mrs. Hurbold
Mike Prosser
as Karaoke Bar Patron
Bruce Lawson
as Karaoke Bar Patron
John Breen
as Bry-Guy


James Westby
James Westby
Katie O'Grady
James Westby
James Westby
James Westby
Lana Veenker