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Pirates of Ghost Island Details


Six Spring Breakers become stranded on a presumably deserted desert island, only to discover that it's actually inhabited by a deranged clan of murderous pirates. Shipwrecked after their luxury cruise ship is swallowed up by the ocean, three men and three women attempt to make the best out of their time stranded on a remote beach. When one of the girls is inexplicably kidnapped, it begins to appear that their situation is more complicated than anyone could have expected. Upon venturing out to find their missing friend, noble vacationer Brad stumbles into a pair of pirates named Shark and Treacle who appear to have stepped out of some 17th Century time warp. Whether or not they are authentic pirates, Captain Style's crew is one volatile and unkempt lot. With booby traps planted all around and things looking fairly grim down in the grotto, the leader of the group and a group of disgruntled seafarers suddenly decide to stage a violent mutiny. Bu as the vacationers had suspected these are no ordinary pirates, and when the scallywags are impaled by swords it quickly becomes apparent that they aren't living creatures after all, but the walking dead. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Mitch Toles
Vincent Bilancio
Mitch Toles
Chris Beal
Brenda Sullivan
Executive Producer
Ted Chalmers
Executive Producer