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Jet Cosgrave (John Derek) is in this big-budget Republic western. Thanks to the chicanery of his crooked uncle Major Cosgrave (Jim Davis), Jet has been cheated out of his father's property and branded a pariah. He spends the rest of the film trying to regain his birthright and clear his name. The two women in Jet's life are Judy Polsen (Joan Evans), who chases him for so long that he finally catches her, and Alice Austin (Catherine McLeod), Major Cosgrave's fianee. The supporting cast is dotted with such weatherbeaten western "regulars" as Slim Pickens, Bob Steele and Harry Carey Jr. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


John Derek
as Jet Cosgrave
Joan Evans
as Judy Polsen
Catherine McLeod
as Alice Austin
Ben Cooper
as The Kid
Taylor Holmes
as Andrew Devlin
Nana Bryant
as Mrs. Banner
Slim Pickens
as Boone Polsen
Frank Ferguson
as Chad Polsen
James Millican
as Cal Prince
Bob Steele
as Duke Rankin
Nacho Galindo
as Curly
Harry Carey, Jr.
as Bert
Bill Walker
as Sam Allen
Nicolas Coster
as Asa Polsen
Joan Davis
Buzz Henry
as Zeke Polsen
Hank Worden
as Bartender
Buzz Henry
as Zeke Polsen


William Witney
Richard Wormser
Reggie Lanning
Tony Martinelli
Adele Palmer
Costume Designer