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Alan's (Justin Rice) band, the Bumblebees, has recently broken up after releasing an EP that got some attention. Alan has moved to Brooklyn, where he is trying to get solo gigs, and spending a lot of time with his old friend Lawrence (Andrew Bujalski, the film's writer/director) and Lawrence's girlfriend, Ellie (Rachel Clift). Alan quickly books a gig at hip Brooklyn club Northsix, and does a radio interview with Sara (Seung-Min Lee), during which he mentions that he doesn't even have a drummer. As luck would have it, Sara's brother, Dennis (Kevin Micka), is a drummer. Sara also makes it clear that she's attracted to Alan, which creates a problem when he decides he doesn't want to get involved with her. On the night of his gig, a friend of Alan's father with purported record-industry connections shows up, and invites Alan, Sara, and Dennis to his well-appointed apartment. Afterward, Alan drunkenly goes to a party where he was supposed to meet Lawrence and Ellie. As it turned out, they didn't make it, but a trio of women there (including one played by Kate Dollenmayer, who starred in Bujalski's debut feature, Bujalski), also drunk, have their own plans for him. Eventually, the unspoken attraction between Alan and Ellie comes to the fore. Mutual Appreciation was shot in black-and-white, and was a hit on the festival circuit before its theatrical release in September of 2006. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:September 1, 2006


Justin Rice
as Alan Peoples
Andrew Bujalski
as Lawrence
Seung-Min Lee
as Sara
Pamela Corkey
as Patricia
Kevin Micka
as Dennis
Ralph Tyler
as Jerry
Peter Pentz
as Scotty
Bill Morrison
as Walter
Tamara Luzeckyj
as Esther
Mary Varn
as Rebecca
Kate Dollenmayer
as Hildy
Keith Gessen
as Julian
Salvatore Botti
as Ron
Ted Bergman
as Radio Chatter
Anshul Amar
as Background Action
Alex Cho
as Background Action
Chris Clinton
as Background Action
Ben Gauthier
as Background Action
Elizabeth Hart
as Background Action
Adam Mansbach
as Background Action


Andrew Bujalski
Morgan Faust
Dia Sokol
Ethan Vogt
Andrew Bujalski
Matthias Grunsky
Kevin Micka
Featured Music
Featured Music
Bishop Allen
Featured Music
Justin Rice
Featured Music
Andrew Bujalski
Mynette Louie
Jeff Caldwell
Associate Producer
Randall Good
Sound/Sound Designer
Eric Masunaga
Sound Mixer
John Koczera
Post Production Supervisor