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… same dumb joke over and over.

Who's in It: Scarlett Johansson, Hugh Jackman, Woody Allen, Ian McShane

The Basics: An American college student (Johansson) is visited by a ghost (McShane) who tells her that her recent romantic interest (Jackman) is a serial killer. Woody tags along delivering one-liners.

What's the Deal? I've been worried that Woody had simply gotten old and out of touch. His comedies were getting to be like sitting around listening to your grandfather tell the same dumb joke over and over. And it sort of happens here, too, because no one else has funny lines to say except for him. Fortunately, this time, Grandpa is a little more on his game.

What to Do When There's Nothing Funny Happening: Woody hates poor-people characters. All his people are at least comfortable, but often they're just crazy rich. So you get lots of good interior design to look at — fancy houses and huge kitchens. At least I can entertain myself with this sort of thing. Maybe you need exciting plots, I don't know …

Who's Great, as Always: Deadwood's McShane as the ghost who leads Johansson to the clues to solve the murder mystery.

I Hope I'm This Fired Up When I'm His Age: The scene in which Allen makes sure to focus intently on Johansson in wet profile, spilling out of a one-piece swimsuit, is like a window into his libido. Directors make choices like this for a reason. Screenwriter-director Allen is fixated enough on her (in real life) that Jackman's character brings up the swimsuit in conversation later.

Bottom Line: It's funny enough to keep you from cringing, but not nearly as good as Match Point. Of course, Match Point wasn't trying to be funny either. So proceed with caution.


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