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Bellflower Review

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Torches the usual "boy loses girl" story.

Who's In It: Evan Glodell, Tyler Dawson, Jessie Wiseman, Rebekah Brandes, Vincent Grashaw

The Basics: Woodrow (Glodell) is a shy-but-cute diamond in the rough, just waiting for the right kind of chick to apply the right kind of pressure. In the meantime, he and his best friend Aiden (Dawson) spend their time and money souping up a muscle car and making a flamethrower. One night, during a cricket-eating contest, he meets Milly (Wiseman) and their romance begins. With trips to the grossest restaurant in the country, shots from their in-car whiskey fountain, and quiet sex in rooms with other people sleeping in them, their relationship roots in Woodrow's soul. Until things get less charming and they break up, that is. Then things get really crazy.

What's The Deal: This movie is part fairy tale, part grindhouse revenge rampage. The word on the street is that Glodell spent about eight years making a movie that is uncomfortably autobiographical. After its appearance at Sundance caused quite a stir, we get to feast our eyes on this gritty and sweet dichotomy. Glodell actually made all the cameras they used, and as a result the entire film feels like a highly stylized labor of love. Occasionally things feel overdone, like the "dirt" covering the lens, but it's easy to overlook the times it starts to get a little too calculated simply because the movie feels like everyone really cared about making it. I see too many movies where everyone is phoning it in and just cashing a check, and this flick is a welcome break from that. Hoorah for the underdog.

Bromance All Growed Up: More impressive to me than Woodrow's journey as a boyfriend is his relationship with his bestie Aiden. Tyler Dawson saturates the movie in charm, even though his character default is set to irritating and juvenile. This guy knows the meaning of friendship and is someone I wish I knew in real life. The two men's interaction is the reason that I got so invested in the movie.

Who Will Like This Movie: The whole movie feels very raw--both in style of production as well as storyline. Practically coated in dust, the color correction and previously mentioned special cameras make the film look really interesting, so if you're a cinema tech junkie, make sure to see this. If you're a fan of super violent retribution films, have ever had your heart ripped from your chest and crushed in front of you, OR you just like the idea of a homemade flamethrower, give this one a watch. The result is usually polarizing but worth supporting.


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