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… like a hip-hop American Graffiti

Who's in It: Tip "T.I." Harris, Lauren London, Evan Ross Naess, Big Boi

The Basics: This Boyz 'N the Hood and Roll Bounce mash-up keeps the guns and the gangstas on the D.L. and focuses on class conflict and roller rink drama instead.

What's the Deal? Pretend as though the terrible voiceover narration isn't happening and concentrate on the totally likeable "Dirty South" atmosphere, because in a way, it's like a hip-hop American Graffiti, with multiple characters all coming of age in one hot summer. And when they get to the roller rink, that's when it really gets nice. There's no cinematic problem that can't be solved by a dance-off on skates.

Airplane! Moment: A character whose slang is really thick and syrupy gets his dialogue subtitled, while his on-screen partner wonders out loud as to what he's talking about.

Based On: The lives of music producer Dallas Austin and musical group TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, and their childhoods growing up in Atlanta.

What's Wrong With It: It's got too many plot lines and too much action for a movie about people moving very slowly in the oppressively humid Georgia heat. It could have been about a lot more nothing, like the slackerly Mexican film Duck Season, and kept the bulk of its cool.


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