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The Accidental Husband Review

For Families provided by Common Sense Media

OK for kids 13+

Sweet, teen-friendly rom-com borders on the cliched.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that this by-the-book romantic comedy is entertaining enough, and may offer laughs to teens who adore the genre. The sexual situations are very mild for the PG-13 rating, the language is only occasionally spicy, and a character gets very drunk in a bar scene.

  • Families can talk about true love, or as the film likes to put it, “real love.” Is there such a thing? Do people only have one soulmate?
  • What about Emma’s advice? Does the film subvert what she’s espousing in the movie? How?
  • What about the genre itself: Do romantic comedies do love a disservice? If yes, how?

The good stuff
  • message true2

    Messages: Uma Thurman’s character dispenses sage advice about marriage -- for example, roughly 43 percent of nuptials end in divorce, so it’s important to pick the right partner -- but, as is typical in rom-coms, the movie’s premise contradicts this somewhat.

  • rolemodels true2

    Role models: The film’s central romantic setup begins with a lie, but everything that follows comes from the heart. Everyone just wants to find happiness, but the film, like many others like it, tends to generalize love.

What to watch for
  • violence false1

    Violence: Two men exchange sharp words over a girl.

  • sex false2

    Sex: A passionate embrace (kissing, groping) in an elevator, while security watches via camera; a woman takes her top off in front of a guy (she’s wearing a camisole underneath). A quick soft-focus moment showing a couple in bed.

  • language false3

    Language: From “ass” to “crap” to “bulls--t,” and one instance of “f--k.”

  • consumerism false2

    Consumerism: One character totes a plastic bag with the logo for the pharmacy, Duane Reade, clearly visible. At a bar, name brands and logos for beer, including Heineken and Bass, are displayed.

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false1

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Friends, old and new, down shots at a bar, and one of them gets very drunk.