William Zabka Apologizes to Ralph Macchio for Literally Beating Him Up During 'The Karate Kid'

William Zabka Apologizes to Ralph Macchio for Literally Beating Him Up During 'The Karate Kid'

Jan 04, 2013

Lately we've been watching a lot of movies on AMC thanks to its snazzy "Story Notes" feature that spits out all sorts of fun facts and tidbits about how the movie was made. We're not crazy about parts of it -- like when it tells you which scene is coming up, thereby spoiling part of the movie -- but there's a lot of other nerdy trivia that keeps us tuning in almost daily. That, plus the fact that the network is playing some of our favorite movies. Last night it was The Karate Kid, and if you were on Twitter while the movie aired on AMC, you were treated to an extra bonus that included William Zabka (who played the film's villain, Johnny) answering questions and engaging in an all-too-brief exchange with Daniel himself, Ralph Macchio.

The exchange in question occurred during the "Halloween" scene where the Cobra Kais, dressed as skeletons, chase Daniel and rough him up outside his apartment complex. Turns out one of those kicks that Johnny throws actually landed... hard. So hard that they had to wrap early because Macchio got pretty hurt. 

First, here's the scene in question:

From AMC's Story Notes: "The scar near Macchio's lip is from that accidental kick to the face he took from William Zabka."

Someone asked Zabka about it on Twitter, and here's how it all went down:



All these years later, Daniel and Johnny finally hug it out. Nice moment.

Here are some other fun facts about The Karate Kid from AMC's Story Notes:

-- Golf N' Stuff is an amusement park in Norwalk, California. At last check, it's still there.

-- The Karate Kid was originally the name of a DC Comics superhero. Even though the superhero and movie share the same title, they are not related.

-- Zabka: "I connected with Johnny... I thought, well, this is kind of easy. I don't even have to act this."

-- William Zabka said the extras booed him even after the camera stopped rolling. "I saw my mom in the stands crying and she was like, 'He's not like that!'"

-- The actors were trained by martial arts choreographer Pat E. Johnson. Johnson began his career as a stuntman on Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon (1973).

-- After The Karate Kid trilogy was completed, one of the producers gave the car that Miyagi gives Daniel to Ralph Macchio.

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