What's Attacking Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in This 'The World's End' Poster?

What's Attacking Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in This 'The World's End' Poster?

May 06, 2013

World's End poster

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the reunion of Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg as we’re getting closer to the release of the trio’s latest collaborative effort, The World’s End. Today, we’ve got a brand new poster for the film – which has us wondering just what, exactly, is bringing about the world’s end.

The film, opening in the U.K. this July before landing on our shores on August 23, finds five friends reuniting to attempt a pub crawl that will finish at the World’s End pub. However, along the way, something catastrophic happens and the lovable lushes become humanity’s best hope for survival.

Wright hasn’t revealed what this cataclysmic event is, but we can guess a few things from the new poster. There sure are a lot of glowy-eyed people in the background, and what looks like comets streaking across the sky, leading us to guess there’s some sort of extraterrestrial assault happening. We’d also consider that maybe the creatures are zombies, but the glowy eyes aren’t really a zombie thing, and the terrific trio already covered that ground in Shaun of the Dead. So, yeah, we’re guessing it involves aliens – although the glowy-eyes bit kind of reminds us of Lamberto Bava’s Demons too. Smart money is on aliens, though.

We suspect we’ll know exactly what this menace is in the very near future. Wright has promised us a trailer with the U.K. release of Star Trek Into Darkness – and that’s bound to hit the Internet at warp speed once it’s officially released.

Until then, what do you think these monsters are?

[via The Film Stage]

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