What Comic Book Villain Could Alec Baldwin Play?

What Comic Book Villain Could Alec Baldwin Play?

Jul 29, 2013

Last week, Alec Baldwin admitted on the Howard Stern Show that he'd been offered the chance "to play a villain in one of these Marvel Comics movies."  But his schedule and family obligations couldn't permit the gig, which he claims would have been this summer. Presuming his statement would qualify Marvel adapations not just under the Marvel Studios/Avengers franchise banner, perhaps he might have been Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or Bolivar Trask in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But maybe James Gunn wanted him as The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy

Going by quotes lifted from the interview, it sounds like Baldwin would have been open to the idea had he been available. So now we have to hope he'll have another opportunity and wonder what baddie he'd be best for. It's easiest following his long run on 30 Rock to imagine a powerful business type, someone like Lex Luthor, or any of a number of mob-boss types, like a Carmine Falcone. For the former, I like imagining his Luthor rehashing his whole god complex shtick from Malice, one of the films to look back upon to see Baldwin's potential for playing evil. 

Could he also reference that "I am God" bit by actually playing a god or a godly alien creature? The problem with Baldwin playing a supreme being is whether we'd take him seriously. He's done some great badass performances, not only in Malice but also in Glengarry Glen Ross, The Departed and The Cooler, for which he received a deserved Oscar nomination. However, he also seems soft, maybe because he looks soft physically. Also, anytime I try to imagine him in a costume or makeup or enhanced with effects, I think of The Shadow. And when his character tried to be scary in Beetlejuice.

If Warner Bros. wanted a semicomical Lex Luthor a la the Reeves-era Superman movies, I'd say Baldwin is suited. But I doubt that's where the studio wants to go. Directed right, he could maybe be Doctor Octopus, the Penguin, Doctor Doom, Kingpin, even Thanos. Do we want to see him in any of those getups, though, impossibly not hamming his way through the part? We'd need at least 10 years away from any memory of those Capital One commercials.

I'm not a comic book expert, so I don't know all the villains he'd be fit to play. Maybe a lesser known character I'm not familiar with. A corrupt politician? Someone who doesn't have to get too physical. Unless he reverts back to his Miami Blues body. But doesn't Baldwin seem just right for an Iron Man sequel? Make up another hotshot rival for Tony Stark -- wearing a tux and ordering someone else to get their hands dirty -- that's the best I can see for the actor. 


What comic book villain should Alec Baldwin play?

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