Wesley Snipes to Play Himself in 3-Year Prison Sentence

Wesley Snipes to Play Himself in 3-Year Prison Sentence

Dec 09, 2010

Just when you were thinking to yourself, "Gee, I haven't seen Wesley Snipes pop up in some forgettable straight-to-cable movie in awhile" comes news that the equally-as-forgettable actor has signed on for what will probably be his most important (and embarrassing) role yet: He'll be playing himself during a three-year prison sentence due to not paying his taxes.

Snipes reported to federal prison today, where he'll be known not as the guy from White Men Can't Jump and Blade, but as prisoner No. 43355-018, aka That Guy from White Men Can't Jump and Blade.

For two years Snipes has been trying to appeal the verdict that was handed down in April 2008 after the actor failed to file income taxes, but like his last film Game of Death, all attempts to succeed have failed. Thus, Snipes will now spend the next three years at a prison dubbed "Club Fed", due to its lack of being anything but scary by housing nothing but boring, middle-aged white-collar criminals. In fact, Snipes may wind up being the only black dude in the joint, which is either the funniest or saddest thing you'll hear all day.

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