The Weekend Rent: The First Three Resident Evils

The Weekend Rent: The First Three Resident Evils

Sep 10, 2010

We've been watching Milla Jovovich battle zombies and the evil Umbrella Corporation in the Resident Evil franchise since 2002. Now original director Paul W.S. Anderson returns to helm the fourth installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife, which reunites Jovovich's Alice with Claire Redfield (Ali Larter). Shot in real 3D (not some post-production rush job like Clash of the Titans), the latest Resident Evil is the most thrilling installment yet of the series based on the popular video games. Before you're ready for Jovovich and Larter in 3D in theaters, catch up with the first three Resident Evil adventures at home, all of which are available on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Resident Evil: A top-secret genetic research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation has an outbreak of the T-Virus—a nasty little microbe with the ability to reanimate dead flesh. Alice and her team (including Michelle Rodriguez and Eric Mabius) descend into the underground Hive facility in an attempt to stop the contagion from spreading to Raccoon City and beyond. Since the fourth film in the series just opened in theaters, you can deduce how successful they were.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Alice, who now has superhuman powers because the T-Virus bonded with her on a cellular level, has escaped the Hive only to find that Raccoon City is being quarantined by the Umbrella Corporation. She teams up with police officer Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory) and fights to stay alive in Raccoon City as the infection spreads. Can they escape before the city is nuked? You know they can, but a virally enhanced Alice is killed and regenerated into an unpredictable and dangerous super being.

Resident Evil: Extinction: Alice is roaming the desert wasteland near Las Vegas when she meets up with Claire Redfield and her convoy of survivors. This post-apocalyptic entry is the first sequel to feature Jovovich and Larter together, and the two women do most of the zombie ass-kicking in this exciting chapter in which Alice discovers that the secret to the T-Virus cure might be hidden in her own blood.

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