Reel TV: Zack Snyder and HBO Considering a 'Watchmen' Series; 'The Lego Movie' Guys Adapt 'Serial'

Reel TV: Zack Snyder and HBO Considering a 'Watchmen' Series; 'The Lego Movie' Guys Adapt 'Serial'

Oct 01, 2015

If you're one of the many, many people who felt Alan Moore's Watchmen comic would have worked considerably better as a TV series than as a movie, we've got some potentially great news for you. However, if that's the case but you also aren't a big Zack Snyder fan, we've got some potentially heartbreaking news for you: According to Collider, Snyder is in the early stages of talking to HBO about doing Watchmen as a TV series. 

We don't know anything about these talks beyond the report that they're taking place. Would this be an open ended show that ran for a few seasons or would it be a contained mini-series? Would it be another adaptation of the original Watchmen or would it dip into the recently published series Before Watchmen? Either way, would the cast from Snyder's movie carry over to the show?

The questions are obviously endless at this nascent stage, but if you do love what Snyder brought to the Watchmen table, then it's certainly reason to be excited. His adaptation of the highly influential comic is a flawed but staggering accomplishment that still stands out to this day. If he had the extra runtime that TV affords, Snyder could do something extra special in that world. Now we just need to wait and see if it actually happens.

And speaking of big screen directors adapting beloved material on the small screen, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of The Lego Movie have optioned the TV rights to the murder mystery podcast Serial. If you haven't listened to it, it was investigative reporter Sarah Koenig's attempt to unravel the truth of a murky homicide case that happened 15 years earlier.

The Serial show won't just be a dramatized version of the homicide cast featured in the podcast, though. Instead, in typical Lord and Miller fashion, the show will take an unexpected approach to the material and is said to be about the process of making a podcast like Serial. That may seem odd, but those two regularly find fresh takes on formulas that don't seem like they should sustain a story, so it's a safe bet that they've figured out how to do that here as well.


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