Watch: Trailers for 'Margaret,' 'The Double,' and Tom Tykwer's '3'

Watch: Trailers for 'Margaret,' 'The Double,' and Tom Tykwer's '3'

Sep 02, 2011

Friday’s here, putting yet another work week to bed – but if you’re struggling to get through the day (and on to your three day weekend here in the States), we’ve got three new trailers that should make the day go by just a bit faster.

First up, a look at Tom Tykwer’s 3. Tykwer, best known for helming Run, Lola, Run, is back with a new German drama. This one looks more grounded in reality than Lola, but features the same exquisite eye for visual composition. The story focuses on a husband and wife who wind up having an affair with the same man. The clip’s final moments, where the secret is revealed, is probably something we’d have left out of the trailer (shouldn’t Tykwer and company kept such an important revelation hidden?), but it seems likely that there are many more secrets and moral conundrums to be revealed when 3 opens in New York and LA on September 16th.

It’s been eight long years since we first heard about Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret – and at least six of those years were spent trying to edit the film into a form the director was happy with. Then came the legal troubles – which had many of us wondering if this film would ever actually show in a theater.

The good news is that yes, Margaret will play in a theater. The first trailer for the weepy drama starring Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo, and Matthew Broderick is now available for viewing. The bad news is, it looks like a film that was made six years ago.

When Paquin witnesses a mother and infant run over by a bus, she lies to accident investigators about what really happened. This leads to a crisis of conscience (and lots of tears…) as she struggles with her decision while learning that her youthful idealism is out of place in the real world.

All in all, it looks a lot like a ton of other indie films, which is a shame, because Margaret generated a lot of positive buzz when people got to read the script. After six years of tinkering, we doubt the finished project resembles that script in any but the most basic of ways, but we hope that Margaret turns out better than the new clip makes it look. We’ll know one way or the other when the film opens on September 30th.

If you hate spoilers in trailers, you might want to take a pass on this new clip for The Double – which stars Richard Gere as a retired CIA operative forced to team up with a young FBI agent (Topher Grace) in order to hunt down a Soviet assassin named Cassius. Basically, the trailer features what appears to be one giant spoiler (Cassius’ identity) and lots of Gere trying to do his best Liam Neeson impersonation. Written by Michael Brandt (who also directs) and Derek Haas – the guys who brought you Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma – this one could either be a solid spy thriller or a hammy popcorn flick. Unfortunately, after watching this clip, we’re placing our money on the latter. Maybe there’s more going on here than the trailer shows, though – which is why we’ll reserve final judgment until after The Double sneaks its way into theaters on September 23rd.

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