Watch Tom Hanks Head Back Into 'Da Vinci Code' Mode In First 'Inferno' Trailer

Watch Tom Hanks Head Back Into 'Da Vinci Code' Mode In First 'Inferno' Trailer

May 09, 2016

For many, the next Star Wars movie (Rogue One) is the most highly anticipated thing with Felicity Jones this year. But surely there are a lot of Dan Brown fans looking forward to Inferno even more. It's been seven years since the last adaptation of a book from Brown's Robert Langdon series (Angels & Demons), and a whole decade since The Da Vinci Code first brought the character to the big screen. 

The Oscar-nominated actress joins the series with this third movie, once again directed by Ron Howard. Tom Hanks also returns as Langdon, the master symbologist, and Jones plays a doctor treating him for amnesia in Florence who winds up going on the run with him. The puzzle this time involves a plague meant to treat the world's overpopulation problem, and of course Langdon is the only guy who can solve it.

In the movie's first teaser trailer, which you can watch below, the dilemma of saving the world from this virus is addressed. Either one half of the world can be wiped out now, or in 100 years the entire human race will be extinct. Presumably, the bluff (hopefully it's a bluff) is called, as Landgon looks for clues in the Botticelli painting Map of Hell and its inspiration, Dante's Inferno.

There's also a new international teaser out today, and that slightly longer spot shows footage of Ben Foster, who plays the villainous billionaire scientist responsible for the virus. It also seems to have a little bit more time showing Jones bringing some of the action, not just showing up as a random tagalong medical professional. Watch that one here:

Most of that international audience gets the sequel in early October, but in the U.S. we can look for Inferno in theaters on October 28.




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