Watch This Fascinating One-Hour Roundtable Chat with Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon and More

Watch This Fascinating One-Hour Roundtable Chat with Jamie Foxx, Matt Damon and More

Nov 09, 2012


If you have an hour to spare, we highly recommend checking out The Actors installment in The Hollywood Reporter's Oscar Roundtables series. The video brings together Argo's Alan Arkin, Django Unchained's Jamie Foxx, Arbitrage's Richard Gere, Flight's Denzel Washington, The Sessions' John Hawkes, and Promised Land‘s Matt Damon. Sadly, Joaquin Phoenix is absent, but don't let the lack of Young Pheezy dissuade you from watching since there are plenty of fascinating bits in the clip.
The talk kicks off with, "What's the most shocking thing that's happened to you in Hollywood?' Arkin chimes in with "Gentle, loving kindness." Gere and Damon step in to admit that they've been really lucky to work with an overwhelming number of nice people in Tinseltown. "It's not really stable people who get into the movie business," Gere jokes.
Foxx discusses how others have reacted to his fame and how that can make a person genuine or not. Also, he has a lot to say about girls and his teeth.
We love Denzel's answer to the question. "It wasn't like an overnight thing. I'm still not famous as far as I'm concerned. I just like working and being an actor… I'm just a regular guy." Can we just take this moment to say once again that the man was totally robbed of his Oscar for Malcolm X? The fact that his big award went to Training Day still bums us out.
The interviewer brings up Matt Damon's career highs and lows. "It was sobering," the star admits. "My phone just stopped ringing."
There's a lot more in the hour-long clip, so check it out, and tell us your favorite confessions and advice revealed by the thespian dream team in the comments section.

[Spotted via The Film Stage]

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