Watch: Steve Carell Is Unrecognizable in the First 'Foxcatcher' Clip

Watch: Steve Carell Is Unrecognizable in the First 'Foxcatcher' Clip

May 16, 2014

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They say really good actors can “disappear into a role” – and this new clip for real-life drama Foxcatcher seems to prove that point. Steve Carell is almost unrecognizable in this trailer.

Carell plays John du Pont, one of the heirs to DuPont chemical company fortune, in the drama directed by Bennett Miller. The film focuses on the relationship between du Pont and Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum). The wealthy philanthropist recruited the wrestler to train at his estate in Pennsylvania, and then some really creepy things went down.


Bennett wanted Carell for the role because, as he says, “I didn’t want to hire an actor who you might presuppose was capable of murder because one thing that was repeated among many, many people who were there was that nobody believed du Pont was capable of doing what he did.” Carell, best known as a comedic actor, was certainly unexpected casting.

He looks comfortable in the role, though – having changed his appearance (check out the nose) and taken on du Pont’s odd speech patterns. The film is expected to generate awards buzz when it opens in wide release this November. It’s making its Cannes debut later today. If you’re not in France, check out this trailer and see what you think of Carell in a dramatic role.

[via Yahoo Movies]


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