Watch: New 'Suicide Squad' Videos Introduce the Team

Watch: New 'Suicide Squad' Videos Introduce the Team

Jul 19, 2016

Suicide Squad

We've been exposed to a slew of images, videos and other promotional materials in support of Suicide Squad. By now, we know that the movie revolves around characters acting badly, simply because they're bad guys. In the immortal words of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), "It's what we do."


Robbie is an up and coming actress and her performance has already sparked considerable interest in the movie. The same can be said about Jared Leto as the Joker, a more familiar character, yet seemingly more unhinged than ever.


Perhaps because he's already so well known, Will Smith has received a bit less advance publicity for his role as Deadshot. The character is a deadly marksman and an expert fighter, so we're sure he'll be playing a big role in the movie.


Of course, they're not the only people in the movie. Here's Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, a heroic military veteran who is pressed into service as leader of the squad.


Cara Delevingne portrays Suicide Squad member Enchantress; note that the extent of her powers is unknown.


Jai Courtney is Boomerang, known as an experienced burglar and self-described as one of "the crazy ones."


Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje embodies Killer Croc, a man suffering from a disfiguring skin condition, yet enhanced by superpowered abilities.


Putting the characters into context, here's a somewhat longer TV spot that spotlights the leadership role of Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), a government official who puts the squad together.


David Ayer (Fury) wrote and directed. Suicide Squad will open in theaters on August 5.

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