Watch: Jon Voight Is a Bit Obsessed with His 'Dracula: The Dark Prince' Costar

Watch: Jon Voight Is a Bit Obsessed with His 'Dracula: The Dark Prince' Costar

Oct 14, 2013

Few actors are as innately intimidating as Jon Voight. Whether he's playing a spy or a city boy on a rafting trip or Nicolas Cage's dad, he's just flat-out intimidating on-screen. That's why it's so amusing to see him talk about his costar in this behind-the-scenes clip from Dracula: The Dark Prince.

In the film Voight plays Van Helsing, but in this amusing clip he's just a guy admiring his fellow actor... who happens to be playing the Dark Prince. We're not sure if it's Voight's hair here, or his handlebar mustache or what, but the contrast between his look and the intensity of what he's talking about is just delightful.

Now as for the movie itself, Lionsgate is releasing Dracula: The Dark Prince on VOD, Digital HD and pay-per-view platforms everywhere on October 15 (and DVD as a Walmart exclusive release), and while it's partially covered in the clip, we'll just leave the official plot description here.

Once the honored and respected prince of Wallachia, Dracula turned to the dark side after those whom he trusted most murdered his wife. After Dracula meets a beautiful crusader named Alina, he is convinced she is the reincarnation of his long-dead love and has her kidnapped. Alina’s companions, led by the renowned vampire hunter Van Helsing, set off in pursuit. Their thrilling journey takes them into savage country where they must fight nightmarish creatures and armies of the undead—culminating in an epic battle against the terrifying power and malice of the lord of the vampires.




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