Watch: How You Can Finally Make David Fincher's 'The Goon' a Reality

Watch: How You Can Finally Make David Fincher's 'The Goon' a Reality

Oct 12, 2012


Eric Powell's comic book series The Goon — about a hulking guardian of Lonely Street who flexes his muscles for the Labrazio mob with sidekick Franky — was revealed to be set for an adaptation in 2008, produced by David Fincher, set to feature the vocal talents of Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. A trailer and poster were released, but then the project kind of fell off the face of the planet. Earlier this year, Powell stated, "The Goon is in the exact same position it’s been in for the past couple of years. Prepping the design and script while searching for funding." It looks like he's finally discovered the magic of Kickstarter to help bring The Goon to moviegoers. 
Powell and Blur Studio have started a campaign to raise money for a storyboard reel, with voices and scratch track audio. Once they have the template, they'll be faced with additional costs to finish the project — but it's great to see things starting to happen. Website io9 spoke with Blur Studio directors Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler (responsible for the title sequence in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), who advised that Brown and Giamatti are still onboard. "Yes, they're both very excited. I called them both before we put them in the Kickstarter agreement and asked them if they were willing to do this again. Paul and Clancy both said, 'We'll go anywhere, we'll talk to anybody you need us to. Anything you want, we'll do it,'" Miller revealed.
Both actors will be voicing the storyboard reel, which means we may find out what Goon and his buddy sound like sooner than later. Fowler also made a good case for why Goon isn't just another zombie movie. "The thing that's so great about the comic was that it really wasn't just about zombies. It was kind of the melting pot of everything that's kind of crazy and cool. You've got giant robots, you've got vampires, you've got creatures, demon priests. It's a great sort of amalgamation of all that stuff. It's really not just zombies." There's also pie.

Here's what's next for the team if Kickstarter is a smashing success:
"A story reel for the whole film, and if we got a little more money we could make an animatic that had a little more scope to it. The goal is, you go to the studio and say, 'Here's what the project is,' and they judge it on a few factors that aren't really representative of what the film is. If we can show them something that represents the entire film, they can hear the jokes, they can see the situations, they can really understand the world in two hours. We're hoping that will make a difference for them. They go through so many projects they don't really have the time to dig in and find the true worth. Hopefully we can show them that in the story reel."
Check out more concept art from The Goon on io9 and help fund the project on Kickstarter.

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