Watch: The Fantastic Short Films of Joel Edgerton's Brother, Nash Edgerton

Watch: The Fantastic Short Films of Joel Edgerton's Brother, Nash Edgerton

Feb 03, 2012

If you're at all familiar with Blue-Tongue Films then you probably already know Nash Edgerton, or are at least familiar with his more famous brother, Joel Edgerton. Unlike Joel, Nash has spent more time behind the camera -- primarily as a stunt coordinator on films like The Matrix, I Am Number Four and the upcoming The Great Gatsby -- but when he's not working stunts on a big Hollywood blockbuster, he's directing some really fun short films with his buddies from Blue-Tongue Films. There's a larger piece I want to write about Blue-Tongue Films, and how this small group made up mostly of Aussie talent is putting out some really fun, beautiful, unique content (they had a feature and a short at Sundance this year), but in this post I just want to highlight some of Nash's films, which are great.

What Nash brings to the table is this veteran background in stunts, and so many of his shorts revolve around these crazy stunts. Another thing you should know about him and his Aussie filmmaking gang is that they have a truly wicked sense of humor when it comes to relationships, which is seen as more comical in shorts like Bear and Spider, but more serious in tone when it comes to the group's feature films like Animal Kingdom, Hesher and Wish You Were Here.

I can probably go on for another 1,000 words about Blue-Tongue Films and how much they're currently contributing to independent cinema (both in product and in talent), but I'd rather wait to speak to some of these guys and save that piece for another day in the near future.

In the meantime, though, check out these five shorts from Nash Edgerton (and a sixth directed by Joel Edgerton called The List), which includes a teaser for the short that played at Sundance this year, Bear, a sequel to Spider. I personally love Bear and Spider so much that I hope Nash is working on the feature film tied to this main character because it'd be pretty rad. [Thanks to Slashfilm for the heads-up on the Bear teaser]

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