Watch Donald and Kiefer Sutherland as Father and Son in the 'Forsaken' Trailer

Watch Donald and Kiefer Sutherland as Father and Son in the 'Forsaken' Trailer

Jan 20, 2016

The Western is truly back, and with it comes the return of a former young gun, Kiefer Sutherland, now playing an old gun retired from a life of violence. In Forsaken, he's also acting opposite his own dad, Donald Sutherland, the first time they've appeared as father and son in a movie (not counting a 1987 documentary focused on the elder) and really the first major time they've shared the screen.

They have been in the same movies before, just not together in the same scenes, in both Max Dugan Returns and A Time to Kill. And neither is stranger to the genre, with Kiefer one of the stars of Young Guns and Young Guns II and Donald being in 1974's Alien Thunder and 2012's Dawn Rider. This one easily looks to be of better quality than the lot.

Forsaken is written by Brad Mirman (Truth and Consequences, N.M.) and was helmed by Jon Cassar, who directed a ton of 24 episodes. In the movie, set in 1872, the younger Sutherland is a quick-draw who put down the gun and is trying to make amends with his estranged pop, a pastor played by the older Sutherland, when a gang of baddies start harassing the locals for the sake of a greedy businessman. Obviously, Kiefer's character then has to decide whether or not to put his holster back on and fight them off.

Joining the Sutherlands are Demi Moore, as a former flame of Kiefer's character, and apparently the one person who could get him back in arms (if not also her arms), and Brian Cox, as the guy looking to get rich in a real estate scheme straight out of countless other Westerns. Following its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival last fall, where it had a decent reception, Forsaken hits theaters on February 19.




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