Watch At Your Own Risk: 'Ironclad' Unleashes the Bloodiest Mash-Up of the Year

Watch At Your Own Risk: 'Ironclad' Unleashes the Bloodiest Mash-Up of the Year

Jun 30, 2011

A still from Jonathan English's Ironclad

While we all love a good medieval movie here at, some of us (okay, me…) often feel at least a little disappointed by them. It’s never because they got the historical detail wrong or there’s some anachronistic element that couldn’t have existed in a specific film’s time period – no, it’s because they always skimp on the really gross bits.

While Braveheart certainly did its best to show us just how brutal sword and archery combat could be, it’s got nothing on Jonathan English’s upcoming Ironclad. Don’t just take our word for it, though – check out the bloody and violent clip from the film below, which features more carnage in one minute than most horror films show during their entire runtime (Warning: This clip is 100% NSFW. If you’re even remotely squeamish, turn back now…).

The indie, which had an astounding $25 million budget, tells the tale of a Templar Knight leading a ragtag band of warriors (is there ever any other kind?) in the siege of Rochester Castle. The knight and his men are up against King John (Paul Giamatti), who has recently signed the Magna Carta – which limits his royal powers – and is rampaging across the country in order to get them back. The men must hold the castle until reinforcements arrive – ensuring the film will be packed with bloody battle scenes.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment amongst all this death and dismemberment, but the human catapult bit looks pretty awesome. Fans of cleaving and limb-hacking should find a lot to love when Ironclad lands in the US on July 26th. Until then, enjoy this clip. 

One more warning: This thing is bloody NSFW, so watch at your own risk ...


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