Watch: 'Trick 'r Treat's' Sam Goes Back to School in New Short Film

Watch: 'Trick 'r Treat's' Sam Goes Back to School in New Short Film

Sep 08, 2011

It seems odd that at one point Warner Bros. tried to bury Michael Dougherty's creeptastical Trick 'r Treat, because the spooky anthology has since become a Halloween classic -- revered for its old school scares and more. Since the back to school season is upon us and Halloween is just around the corner, Dougherty teamed up with to pay tribute to both occasions by executive producing a short that features the ultimate trick 'r treater, Sam. Named after the Gaelic festival Samhain, Sam is Trick 'r Treat's enforcer – making sure everyone follows the traditions of the costumed holiday. Sometimes things get bloody. In the FEARnet short, Sam's Going Back to School, the little pumpkinhead prepares to start his school day, but changes plans when a bunch of "bullies" at the bus stop mock him. 

FEARnet is hosting a 24-hour Trick 'r Treat marathon this Halloween, so check out the clip below to get in the mood. If you can't wait that long, pick up a new tee from horror fashion mavens Fright Rags. Their limited edition Trick 'r Treat tee goes on sale tomorrow, September 9. Get one before they're all gone!


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