Watch the 'Total Recall' Remake Trailer Side-by-Side with the Original

Watch the 'Total Recall' Remake Trailer Side-by-Side with the Original

Jun 19, 2012

When a remake of the classic Paul Verhoeven, Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film Total Recall was first announced, a lot of fans groaned. Not because their 1990 version is a flawless and untouchable work of genius (though it totally is; all Verhoeven movies are), but because no one is really clamoring to see Len Wiseman remake anything. He's by no means a terrible filmmaker, he just has the kind of directorial eye that can deliver slick visuals with no heart whatsoever. It's understandable if the idea of the man who PG-13'ized Die Hard PG-13'izing Total Recall drives hardcore fans a little bit crazy, and if you're one of those people, the below video is not going to help any.

YouTube user CinestirTV [via Vulture] has cut together a side-by-side comparison of Verhoeven's original and the trailer for Wiseman's remake and the result makes the latter look all the more hollow. Maybe the full film will be inspired, we'll find out August 3rd, but this comparison showing key sequences and their flashy, digital facelifts isn't very encouraging.

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