Watch: The 'Total Recall' Remake Teaser Trailer Is All Flying Cars and Jumping from Explosions

Watch: The 'Total Recall' Remake Teaser Trailer Is All Flying Cars and Jumping from Explosions

Mar 27, 2012

It's a bit much to say that the Total Recall remake has been long awaited, because, really, no one has been dying for a remake of Paul Verhoeven's classic memory loss spy thriller set on Mars, but since Hollywood cares not for the whims of fans, a remake was greenlit anyway, and ever since that day the curiosity levels have been creeping higher.

We've known for a good while now that the film, starring Colin Farrell in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role, wouldn't actually be set on Mars, that it was set here on Earth, and that it would be less a straight remake of the original film, and more a new take on the original Philip K. Dick source material. But of course we all know that's usually studio code for, "We wanted to remake the movie, but please don't call it a remake because that's a dirty word," hence the rising curiosity levels. Is it really not a straight remake? If not Mars, what will the future of Earth look like? Will there be another mutant lady with three boobs? These are important, need-to-know things.

Well, now we know a few of those things thanks to the first teaser trailer for the film (the full trailer will release on April 1st). We know director Len Wiseman's vision of future Earth is all flying cars and populations so dense that cities need to literally build on top of themselves. We also know that people still like jumping off of things while listening to the Inception "Bwaaaaaaooohhhm," and that Kate Beckinsale's butt still looks great in front of slow motion explosions. And, that's about it.

But what say you? Does this teaser do its job and make you want to see more? Or is looking exactly like what you feared a Total Recall remake from the director of Live Free or Die Hard would look like?

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