The Unique Approach Being Used for a New 'Aquaman' Movie

The Unique Approach Being Used for a New 'Aquaman' Movie

Aug 13, 2014

AquamanWarner Bros. and DC Comics have outlined their plans to release a whole lot of movies between now and 2020 – and one of those titles will be a stand-alone Aquaman film with Jason Momoa donning the tights and talking to the fishes. Now the studio and its comic partner have revealed who will be writing the script that brings the character to the screen.

In an unusual move, Warners has tabbed Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad to adapt the comic for the screen. The catch is that they’re not working together.

Essentially, Warner Bros. has commissioned two scripts and will choose the one they prefer. It’s like a screenwriting showdown at the OK Corral... or something.

It remains unclear why this approach was selected. IndieWire speculates that it could be because each guy had an interesting pitch and the studio wasn’t sure which way it wanted to go, or that the studio understands the inherent difficulty in making this character work on the screen and wanted to cover its bases sooner rather than later. Both seem viable.

While there’s still no official word on whether or not Momoa’s Aquaman will appear in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman, it’s interesting that the studio is moving full-speed ahead on this project and not a Wonder Woman feature. DC and Warners are playing catch-up to rivals Disney and Marvel, which makes promoting Aquaman over a character like Wonder Woman puzzling to observers. Of course, for all we know they're a lot further along on a Wonder Woman movie than any of us know, and we assume she will be a part of their massive upcoming release-date announcement.

Both of the writers assigned to the Aquaman project have previous experience. Beall penned an early draft of the aborted Justice League movie, while Johnstad was the writer responsible for 300: Rise of an Empire




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