'National Treasure' Writers Tackle 'Uncharted' Adaptation

'National Treasure' Writers Tackle 'Uncharted' Adaptation

Aug 24, 2012

Uncharted character Nathan DrakeSony’s planned big-screen adaptation of the hit video game series Uncharted has been stuck in neutral for awhile now, but things may finally be moving forward with today’s announcement that new screenwriters are working diligently to get the project off the ground.

National Treasure scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley have landed the job of bringing wisecracking treasure hunter Nathan Drake to a theater near you. The duo is an interesting choice for the project, given that both National Treasure films were lighthearted adventures, which fit in with the tone of the game series nicely.

Current plans have the Wibberley’s penning a new script for the film. Once completed, Sony will shop it around to various filmmakers and see who’s interested. Director Neil Burger was attached to the movie previously (he replaced David O. Russell), but he has now moved on to other projects.

Developed by Naughty Dog and currently spanning three games, Uncharted is a lot like a video game version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Drake and surrogate father figure Victor “Sully” Sullivan travel the globe in search of ancient mythical relics while racing against bad guys (who want the same items for nefarious purposes) and unraveling conspiracy theories. The games have been lauded for their cinematic quality and likable characters, so a transition to the big screen has always been something of a no-brainer. We’re surprised it’s taken Sony this long to get the film up and running, honestly.

With new writers onboard, fans can now return to their favorite pastime – lobbying for Firefly star Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake. It’s far too early to tell if fans will get their wish in that regard, but Fillion is certainly a compelling choice for the role – certainly a lot more interesting than Russell’s idea of casting Mark Wahlberg.

We’re excited that an Uncharted film once again looks like a possibility – but we’re also a little nervous about them screwing it up. We’d like to see the right actors cast in parts rather than just grabbing A-list stars (our guess is that Sony will probably not cast Fillion but instead aim for someone like Jake Gyllenhaal to play Drake) and hope that the finished product is more Indiana Jones than Tomb Raider in terms of quality. We'll have to wait and see. 

[via Variety]

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