Trailer Roundup: 'The Master,' 'Stories We Tell' and 'The Comedy' Debut New Clips

Trailer Roundup: 'The Master,' 'Stories We Tell' and 'The Comedy' Debut New Clips

Aug 31, 2012

Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master

It’s Friday – and we’ve got a three-day weekend coming up, so we know none of you are actually sitting in your cubicle being good little worker bees today. We won’t tell – heck, we’ll even show you three new trailers to help get you a little closer to the end of the day. Why? Because we’re cool like that. That’s why.

First up, let’s take a look at Stories We Tell – a new documentary from Academy Award nominee Sarah Polley.

Normally, when people break out the family movies, we run for the hills (notable exception: Capturing the Friedmans), but Polley has decided to chronicle the life and times of her family in this new feature and the trailer looks intriguing even if we’re not entirely sure what the “stories” of the title actually are.

The film is playing the Toronto International Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. No word yet on when the masses might have an opportunity to see it, but check out the trailer (courtesy of THR) below.

Next up, one of the odder trailers we’ve seen in recent memory – a new preview for The Comedy.

The film, which releases this October and features Tim and Eric stars Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, is apparently about an aging hipster (Heidecker) who spends most of his time goofing off with his friends. You’d be hard-pressed to get any of that from the new clip – which features some really terrible golfing, very little dialogue and some critical blurbs that are pretty amusing in that they say some negative things about the feature. 

The thing is, it actually works – we’re more interested in seeing The Comedy after viewing this bizarre trailer than we probably would have been if they’d released a more traditional clip. Give it a view and see what you think. [via Vulture]

Finally, we wrap things up with a new TV spot for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master. Everyone we know is jazzed for Anderson’s thinly veiled look at the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and this new TV spot shows why.

Featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman as a stand-in for Hubbard and Joaquin Phoenix as a potential disciple, The Master certainly isn’t lacking star power. We’ll see how the mainstream takes to it (and how much controversy it stirs up) when it hits theaters on September 21. [via Fandango]

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