Today in Movie Culture: 'Kingsman' Meets 'Archer,' Avengers vs. Justice League and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Kingsman' Meets 'Archer,' Avengers vs. Justice League and More

Jul 20, 2017

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Crossover of the Day:

Taron Egerton's Kingsman: The Golden Circle character gets animated in this special Comic-Con crossover with TV's Archer:


Cosplay of the Day:

Comic-Con has begun, and Vanity Fair's Joanna Robinson highlights some of the popular characters being cosplayed this year:



Mashup of the Day:

Another Comic-Con is here, and we're still unlikely to get a Marvel vs. DC crossover movie, so here's Alex Luthor with a fake one:


Dream Costume of the Day:

Spider-Man might never don the Iron Spider suit in the movies, but BossLogic and King's Letter show us what it could look like:



Video Essay of the Day:

Speaking of superhero movies, here's a video essay from Burger Fiction on Logan being the anti-superhero blockbuster:


Vintage Image of the Day:

Natalie Wood, who was born on this day in 1938, with James Dean on the set of Rebel Without a Cause in 1955:


Actor in the Spotlight:

ScreenCrush presents a bunch of trivia about Scarlett Johansson, star of superhero and indie comic book adapations:


Movie Comparison of the Day:

Christopher Nolan has a new movie out this weekend, so Couch Tomato presents 24 similaries between Interstellar and Signs:


Movie Science of the Day:

Can lightsabers block bullets? Kyle Hill offers a scientific look at this Star Wars-inspired question:


Classic Trailer of the Day:

This weekend is the 30th anniversary of Summer School. Watch the original trailer for the classic comedy below and check out clips from the movie here. 




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