Today in Movie Culture: 'Hunger Games' Recap, Katniss Everdeen Vs. Hermione Granger and More

Today in Movie Culture: 'Hunger Games' Recap, Katniss Everdeen Vs. Hermione Granger and More

Nov 19, 2015

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:


Movie Franchise Recap of the Day:

Prepare for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 by watching Mashable's animated recap of the first three movies in only three minutes (via Devour):


Rap Battle of the Day:

Who would win in a fight between Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games and Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series? See the musical result if it's a rap battle below (via Geek Tyrant):


Fan Theory of the Day:

Speaking of the Harry Potter movies, PBS's Idea Channel takes on the fan theory that Ron Weasley is Professor Albus Dumbledore:


Filmmaker in Focus:

In the second of Jacob T. Swinney's "Not Directed By" series, we see the influence of David Lynch on movies that look like they were made by him but weren't, including Donnie Darko and Under the Skin:


Vintage Image of the Day:

Whoa, Nurse Ratched is laughing. An amused Louise Fletcher on the set of One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest, which premiered 40 years ago today, with director Milos Forman and a great supporting cast:


Movie Recommendation of the Day: 

Inspired by the bad news about Memento being remade, CineFix recommends Steven Soderbergh's The Limey for anyone who likes the Christopher Nolan backwards thriller:


Movie Trivia of the Day:

Screen Rant presents 10 movie plot twists we didn't see, including those planned for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Alien:


Star Wars of the Day:

This guy and his TIE Fighter light display on his front yard just won Christmas:


Video Essay of the Day:

The REEL Meaning shows us the connection between Snowpiercer and The Shining in a well-thought out video:


Classic Trailer of the Day:

Today is the 20th anniversary of the world premiere of Toy Story (this weekend is the anniversary of the theatrical release). Watch the original trailer for the movie, which was Pixar's first feature, below.


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