Is This the Worst Western Ever Made?

Is This the Worst Western Ever Made?

Jul 23, 2012

Writer Jim Morton — who currently runs a wonderful blog about East German film — penned a hilarious hybrid of a movie in his landmark title on trash cinema, Incredibly Strange Films. William Beaudine's Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter is comprised of low-budget monster movie and Western elements and was a late-career entry from the prolific director who started working for D.W. Griffith in 1909. Website Neatorama recently featured the film, and we had to share its awesome awfulness with you. 

Morton writes of the production:
"Beaudine hit his stride during the early days of Hollywood when studios were less devoted to big-budget productions and were more interested in getting as many films as possible out to the American public. In those days, a Western had an immediate audience. If it was a Western, it couldn’t fail. They took anywhere from two days to two weeks to make. Beaudine dutifully churned them out, rarely lavishing much attention on any of them… One of the ways Beaudine kept his costs down (and his speed up) was by avoiding retakes whenever possible. He became so notorious for his refusal to reshoot a scene that he earned the nickname “One-Shot Beaudine.” If a boom mike dipped into the frame, if a cowboy started to fall before he was shot -oh well."
Watch a trailer for the drive-in tale below, and then search out Beaudine's other monster-vs.-Western-icon film, Billy the Kid vs. Dracula.



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