Update: The Girl from 'The Ring' Invades a Japanese Baseball Game (Again)

Update: The Girl from 'The Ring' Invades a Japanese Baseball Game (Again)

Aug 26, 2013

Update: Last April, Samara, the ghostly girl from The Ring, threw the opening pitch of a baseball game to promote Sadako 3D, a reboot of Ringu. It was one of the stranger promo stunts we've ever seen, and now it's got a sequel thanks to, well, the sequel.

Sadako 2 3D hits theaters in Japan on Friday, and so the long-haired girl took to the mound once again, only this time she didn't come alone. Three smaller ghost girls joined her to help give her the strength to throw a 68 mph pitch. Not bad for someone whose entire face is covered in long, thick black hair.

And for those curious, here's the trailer for Sadako 2 3D, which of course comes with the required J-pop anthem.


Props go out to the folks who put together this humorous stunt for a Japanese baseball game at the Sapporo Dome on April 25 between the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters and the Chiba Lotte Marines. Instead of getting some elected official or a pop star, they brought out the dead girl (Samara, or Sadako in the original Japanese version) from The Ring. The girl, with her long hair covering her face, throws the ceremonial first pitch then collapses before being helped off the field. One of the Japanese baseball players reacted by grinning and picking his ear, which we believe is customary over there. You'd never see something as devilish as this in American ballparks, so don't get your hopes up horror buffs. 

Check out the video below. [via @RickMarshall]

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