Why You Might Not See a 'Peanuts Movie' Sequel Anytime Soon

Why You Might Not See a 'Peanuts Movie' Sequel Anytime Soon

Nov 11, 2015

The Peanuts Movie

The Peanuts Movie cruised into theaters this past weekend chock-full of those old school awww-shucks sensibilities, and when the snowflakes cleared the film had earned more than $45 million -- a surprising amount considering it opened opposite SPECTRE. So its success means we're totally getting another Peanuts movie, right? 

Well, maybe not.

20th Century Fox only had the rights to make one Peanuts movie, as the estate of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz heavily guards the use of these characters. When asked about a potential follow-up, Jean Schulz, the cartoonist's widow, noted that "this one took eight years. So maybe we'll talk about it then." 

So could it really be another eight years before we see the Peanuts gang back up on the big screen? 

That depends.

Jean Schulz told The Wrap that her late husband “would have been very proud of the care and effort that was taken in making [the movie]," mainly because it "reflected his vision." The fact that she's proud of the film and the care that was taken in crafting it means chances are she'll at least entertain the idea of another movie... assuming, of course, it follows the same parameters.

Then again it took eight years to get this one made -- and considering the animation process itself takes years, coupled with the fact that no follow-up is currently being planned or written, that means chances are it could be awhile before Lucy's yanking that football away from Charlie Brown yet again. (Though we wouldn't be surprised if a new holiday TV special popped up sooner rather than later.)

Would you want to see another Peanuts movie, or in this case is one movie good enough to hold us over for a long while?

And for those who still haven't seen The Peanuts Movie, here's the one reason why you really have to.


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