The Last Horror Blog: 'Woman in Black 2' Images, 'Dead Snow 2' Review, 'The Beyond' Blu-ray Details and More!

The Last Horror Blog: 'Woman in Black 2' Images, 'Dead Snow 2' Review, 'The Beyond' Blu-ray Details and More!

Nov 28, 2014

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Woman in Black 2

Horror News

New images from The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death – The holidays aren’t a time of year where we see a lot of new horror films in theaters, but January now rivals October when it comes to fright flicks infiltrating your local multiplex. This year, things kick off with a bang when The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death opens on January 2.

The sequel to the Daniel Radcliffe film continues the ominous story of the title character, and our friends at Dread Central have scored some exclusive photos from Hammer’s hot new installment. You can see one of them above, but head on over to DC to see the rest. You won’t regret it.

Grindhouse Releasing announces details for The Beyond Blu-ray – Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond is one of my all-time favorite Italian horror films, and it’s finally getting a Blu-ray release in 2015 thanks to the guys at Grindhouse Releasing.

The company reveals that the new three-disc set will hit retailers on February 10 of next year, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the horror lover in your life. Swing by the Grindhouse site for the full details on what extras are coming with the package. Fulci lives!

Freddy vs. Jason hack for Friday the 13th video game is awesome – If you’re an old-school gamer, you no doubt remember LJN’s Friday the 13th game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It was not one of the best games on the platform, but a new hack has upped the awsomeness in a major way.

Flashback Games is selling a hacked version of the old cart – now titled Freddy vs. Jason – that swaps sprites around so that players control Elm Street’s resident slasher as he offs camp counselors on his way to defeating Jason Voorhees. Check it out in action below.


Check out this Lovecraft-inspired short film – I’m a sucker for anything Lovecraftian, so I was immediately drawn to this short film by Montreal filmmaker Syl Disjonk as soon as I saw it over at Twitch. Ethereal Chrysalis has been doing the festival-circuit tour for the past few years, but it’s now available online – and if you too love Lovecraftian horror, you’ll want to check this out. I’m not gonna say more about it than that – just watch it. 


Horror Review

Dead Snow 2 posterBack in 2009, filmmaker Tommy Wirkola released Dead Snow – a gore comedy that attempted to recapture the magic of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 and Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive while cashing in on the cultural zeitgeist surrounding Nazi zombies. The film was a pretty huge success, earning instant cult-classic credibility for its over-the-top splatter effects and hilariously entertaining Nazi undead.

Wirkola planned to make a sequel, but got sidetracked by Hollywood’s siren song and instead made the mediocre Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters as his next film. With that finally out of the way, he’s returned to the motherland and given us the sequel we’ve all been waiting for: Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead.

The new entry serves to further cement my belief that Wirkola could be this generation’s Raimi or Jackson when it comes to making over-the-top gore films with lots of laughs. However, Dead Snow 2 suffers the same fate most sequels do – mainly, it’s not quite as good as the film that inspired it.

Wirkola picks up the action immediately after the events of the original movie, with lone survivor Martin (Vegar Hoel) still duking it out with Hitler’s undead battalion. After a harrowing escape, he finds himself in a hospital bed, charged with killing all of his friends on the mountain, and with the Nazi commandant’s arm (and all its weird supernatural powers) attached to his torso.

With no one willing to believe him about the threat coming from the snowy northern hills, Martin takes it upon himself to stop the undead menace once and for all – but he’s not going it alone. He recruits some “zombie killers” from America to help with the cause.

In its best moments, Dead Snow 2 is a hilariously gratuitous exercise in splatter effects. Wirkola likes to keep it old school, meaning there’s a heavy reliance on practical FX work instead of the more ubiquitous CGI. As a lover of classic gore work, this appeals to me greatly. Blood geysers are everywhere, limbs fly, heads explode, and the whole thing has a very retro feel that reminded me of the heyday of splatter cinema back in the 1980s.

Where the film occasionally gets into trouble is when Wirkola feels the need to try too hard. Dead Snow 2 can be a bit exhausting at points, because Wirkola and his crew have an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to filmmaking. The attempts at comedy and the story itself are every bit as over the top as the gore work, but the fake brains stick to the wall a lot more effectively than some of the gags. Sometimes less really is more – especially with the humor, which has as many misses as it does hits.

That being said, it’s great to see Vegar Hoel back in action. Hoel may not get the fan adulation that undead Nazi commander Herzog gets, but he’s really the straw that stirs this particular drink. The addition of some new characters (particularly the geeky American zombie squad) works in the film’s favor as well.

When everything is clicking, Dead Snow 2 is every bit as fun as the film that inspired it. While Wirkola has yet to make a feature that is on the same level as Evil Dead 2 or Dead Alive, he’s not too terribly far off the mark. This sequel isn’t quite as well executed as the original Dead Snow, but it’s still a treat for fans who love to laugh while they grimace. The door is open for a Dead Snow 3 – let’s just hope Wirkola doesn’t make us wait another five years before we get to see it.


Horror on the Horizon

With us smack dab in the middle of the holiday season, there’s not a whole lot of horror in your local movie house this week. Things should pick back up in January, but if you need a fright fix between now and then, you do at least have the Alexander Aja-produced The Pyramid opening on December 5.

Things aren’t exactly hopping on the home video front, either, but fans can check out the first season of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain on December 2. That’s also the day the Dowdle brothers’ As Above, So Below comes home on both Blu-ray and DVD.

The week of December 9 brings us The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, the follow-up from the duo who gave us the uber-artsy Amer. We also get new versions of Stripped to Kill and Slaughter Hotel, as well as the previously reviewed Dead Snow 2




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