'The Hunger Games' DVD/Blu-Ray Announced; Find Out What to Expect from the Discs

'The Hunger Games' DVD/Blu-Ray Announced; Find Out What to Expect from the Discs

May 23, 2012

Even though we've been busy tracking the success of The Avengers, we still cannot forget about the year's first massive hit, The Hunger Games, which grossed over $600 million worldwide and is well on its way to becoming Hollywood's hottest new franchise. With news regarding its sequel (Catching Fire) beginning to heat up the web, we have the first details regarding The Hunger Games DVD and Blu-ray, which hits shelves at midnight on August 18th. Why midnight? Well if Twilight and Harry Potter have proven anything, it's that releasing discs at midnight allows for fans and stores to host midnight release parties with all sorts of fun shenanigans planned (we also expect Lionsgate to shovel out cast members to select midnight release parties as well).

As for what to expect from the two-disc set, Entertainment Weekly has some of the details (as well as a trailer, which you can view at their site): "The two-disc set will include over three hours of unreleased material, with features that provide insight into how the film was made, interviews with the cast and crew, and details about some of the story lines that differed from the book -- like President Snow's character (Donald Sutherland) and the role of the game maker (Wes Bentley). An eight-part documentary entitled The World is Watching: Making of The Hunger Games delves into the behind-the-scenes aspect of creating the film. The extras also include the full-length "Propaganda Film" shown during the Reaping."

We'll have more on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray in a future Hunger Games Countdown column, but for now let us know what you're most looking forward to obsessing over when this puppy hits shelves on August 18th.

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