Watch the Trailer for Disney and EA's New 'Star Wars Battlefront' Video Game

Watch the Trailer for Disney and EA's New 'Star Wars Battlefront' Video Game

Jun 11, 2013

Star Wars Battlefront logo

It’s too soon to tell if Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts and the Star Wars franchise is a good thing yet (we haven’t seen any of the new films or animated series, so it’s tough to judge), but we can say one thing --  Disney sure is pumping out new Star Wars stuff after spending its billions to get the rights.

One of those new things debuted yesterday at the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (better known to geeks around the globe as E3), when video game publisher EA showed off a teaser clip for the third installment in the popular Star Wars Battlefront series. This is the first game to emerge in the wake of the Disney acquisition – and it certainly has people excited.

As with most teasers at E3, this 30-second clip doesn’t show off any actual game play – opting instead for a cut scene that makes it pretty clear we’re on Hoth (the giant AT-AT foot in the final images gives it away if the swirling snow doesn’t). Perhaps we’ll see more of the game in action on the show floor this week.

At any rate, we can expect that this new entry will be similar to previous installments, which played a lot like popular military shooter Battlefield – only with a Star Wars setting. Online games find players joining sides (the Rebel Alliance, the Empire, etc.) and waging war on familiar battlefields from places like Endor and Hoth. There’s a whole lot of shooting blasters and respawning when you die – and the first two games were a lot of fun. We suspect the technological improvements and new gaming consoles will probably make this the best Battlefront yet – unless EA somehow botches the whole thing with dicey servers and the like.

No word yet on when Battlefront will be available at retail, but start dusting off your blasters – because the battle is about to begin again.

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