Stan Lee's Own Life Is Getting Reimagined On the Big Screen

Stan Lee's Own Life Is Getting Reimagined On the Big Screen

Sep 13, 2016

Everybody knows Stan Lee thanks to dozens of cameos in pretty much every Marvel related movie made in the last 20 years. Your average Joe or Jane may not know the exact details of his life, they may not know much about the ups and downs of his career that led to those cameos, but they at least have a ballpark idea as to how significant Lee's been to superhero comics and movies. Naturally it makes sense that Fox would want to play off that familiarity by buying the movie rights to Stan Lee's life and turning his career into a biopic.

How the studio plans to do that, however, is in a rather unnatural way. They bought his life rights, but they're not planning on telling Stan Lee's actual life story. Instead they want to turn Lee into a '70s-era adventurer in the vein of James Bond.

Why they want to do this is anyone's guess right now. Lee's actual life is interesting enough for a realistic biopic. He struggled for decades and eventually pulled off a true underdog story, becoming one of the most influential people in popular culture who has ever lived. But that's apparently not sexy enough on its own, so now the producers behind movies like Twilight and The Maze Runner want to transform him into an action star.

There's no writer or director attached to this curious project yet. Maybe in the hands of the right creative team this could be something truly special. Until we know who that is, though, we're going to be scratching our heads about the idea of Stan Lee's own life being rebooted on the big screen. After all, why make up stories about a guy who has already lead such a unique life?

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