Showtime Set to Go 'Under the Dome' with Stephen King and Steven Spielberg

Showtime Set to Go 'Under the Dome' with Stephen King and Steven Spielberg

Aug 30, 2011

Cover for Stephen King's novel Under the DomeStephen King’s slate of in-development projects continues to grow – and the latest project to join the list sounds quite intriguing.

Sources tell website Deadline that cable network Showtime will partner with horror icon King and filmmaker Steven Spielberg to adapt the author’s 2009 novel, Under the Dome. The hefty 1,000-plus page tome will serve as the basis for a series, which King and Dreamworks will executive produce.

The novel, which is a merging of two thematically similar books King worked on and abandoned in his youth, finds the citizens of Chester’s Mill, Maine forced to fight for survival when a strange, semi-permeable dome encloses the town. Cut off from the outside world, a power struggle ensues – one featuring all of King’s usual dark themes and allegorical references.

Dreamworks acquired the rights to the novel in 2009, and is currently looking for a screenwriter to adapt the novel into the teleplay format. King’s work has often struggled on the big screen, but lends itself fairly well to the mini-series format – and with Spielberg behind the scenes, we suspect Under the Dome will wind up in very capable hands.

This marks the second collaboration between the two entertainment titans. King and Spielberg also worked together on a planned film version of King and Peter Straub’s dark fantasy novel, The Talisman. That movie never came to be, but was once in development as a mini-series for cable network TNT. While we have no idea if this news means The Talisman project is officially dead for good, we’re still excited at seeing Under the Dome on a network where King’s work won’t have to tempered to meet FCC standards. 

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