Shia LaBeouf's Next Oddball Piece of Performance Art Is Happening Now -- And You Can Watch!

Shia LaBeouf's Next Oddball Piece of Performance Art Is Happening Now -- And You Can Watch!

Nov 10, 2015

If you've got nothing else to do for the next several hours, Shia LaBeouf is back at it with his next head-scratching piece of performance art (remember #IAmSorry?), and it involves the actor watching a marathon of all his movies in reverse order.  

And this time you get to get in on the fun from your own living room!

Dubbed #ALLMYMOVIES, there's a small website listing the location of the marathon (the Angelika Film Center in New York City), noting it's free for all to attend -- so if you're in NYC and got some time to kill, head on down. At the website you can also stare mindlessly at a livestream of LaBeouf as he watches all his movies, beginning with this year's Man Down and potentially ending with the 1998 TV movie Breakfast with Einstein.

We're not exactly sure what the precise order will be and if it will include his short films and TV movies too, but the website does say he'll be doing this for three days, so we assume it's, well, #ALLHISMOVIES.

This includes his Transformers films, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull (which is an earlier contender for the most anticipated Shia-watching movie), Disturbia and even The Battle of Shaker Heights, born out of the first season of the reality show Project Greenlight, which kind of helped launch LaBeouf's career.

No reason was given for why he's doing this -- perhaps it's some kind of cathartic thing for him to inhale his entire career in one, long, butt-numbing session -- or maybe it's just to make waves in the press. We don't know, but we bet one of the many journalists currently on the scene to experience this alongside him will at some point try to find out. 

In the meantime, feel free to follow along here.


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