Shia LaBeouf Says "Let's F***ing Party" in His Series of Strange Homemade Indie Comics

Shia LaBeouf Says "Let's F***ing Party" in His Series of Strange Homemade Indie Comics

Apr 17, 2012

Shia LaBeouf comic art

Shia LeBeouf is best known as the star of the Transformers films and for swinging through trees with monkeys in the last Indiana Jones film. Shia’s not just an actor, though – now he’s also a comic writer/artist/publisher, and you can check out some of his work below.

LaBeouf showed up at the C2E2 convention in Chicago this past weekend, and he came bearing gifts (that could be yours for a whopping $20 per comic…) in the form of his self-published books. The LaBeouf comic line currently features three titles that the Chicago Tribune called “borderline philosophical” and featuring “crude, childlike drawings.” We weren’t at C2E2, but Matt D. Wilson from Comics Alliance was, and he procured two of the titles, giving us a glimpse at what lies between the covers.

Wilson’s opinion mirrors that of the Tribune, although he finds the borderline philosophy more akin to “freshman-English level poetry.” He reports that one of the two books, Let’s F***ing Party (which sounds like it needed a cover blurb from Andrew WK), doesn’t feature any story at all – it’s just a series of disconnected thoughts and drawings. The other, Cyclical (which is about a couple of bikers) does tell a tale, so Labeouf has covered most of his narrative bases it seems.

The art style is decidedly lo-fi, with little in the way of backgrounds or detail, and if you find that it’s not particularly appealing to the eye, you’re not alone. LaBeouf’s friend Marilyn Manson (who’s featured in Let’s F***ing Party) told him “your artwork is f***ing horrible! My God!”

It is pretty horrible (check out the drawing of Manson for proof), and the written excerpts that Comics Alliance shares aren’t a whole lot better (filled with gems like “belief is a graveyard” and “Why is it the pick-up truck carrying the loose washer/dryer is always driving between 80 and 90 mph?”), but it’s hard to bag on a guy for trying to do something different. If you really want to rip LaBeouf, rip him for charging $20 a pop for this homemade books. C’mon Shia – you get paid millions to star in movies. You can’t really be that hard up for cash, can you?

Swing by Comics Alliance for more artwork/excerpts, then let us know what you think of Labeouf’s comics below. 

Shia LaBeouf comic Marilyn Manson


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