Sequel Bites: New 'Matrix' Movies Won't Be a Reboot; Eddie Murphy is Writing 'Coming to America 2'

Sequel Bites: New 'Matrix' Movies Won't Be a Reboot; Eddie Murphy is Writing 'Coming to America 2'

Mar 17, 2017

It's time to party like it's 1999 and then like it's 1988, because classic movies from each of those years are getting new sequels!


The Matrix

As it turns out, more of The Matrix is exactly what we think. Or what we would have thought before the glitch in the universe that was misinformation spread like wildfire earlier this week. While it seemed like the word "relaunch" was most applicable to the news that Zak Penn was writing a new Matrix movie, we all interpreted the idea as it being a remake or reboot of some sort, maybe even the kind that starts with a prequel then progresses back through a recast retelling of the original.

We were all wrong. And Penn himself was the one to tell us so. Here are his tweets in response to all the commotion and pitchfork wielding:

If we do look at the X-Men universe, that's precisely where I'd gotten the backstory reboot idea from. But it sounds more like Warner Bros. is looking to do more stories set in the Matrix universe that don't involve Neo (Keanu Reeves). That could be a lot of fun, or it could still be disappointing given that none of the previous installments and spinoffs lived up to the first movie. And if the Wachowskis do become involved and especially if Reeves makes that fourth movie he's commented on, all the better. 


Coming to America 2

In other news learned via social media, Eddie Murphy apparently preemptively tweeted out this simple question: "Coming to America 2?" with a photo of Vanessa Bell Calloway from the 1988 original. Actually, according to TMZ, he doesn't personally handle Twitter and it was indeed a mistake sent out too early by a staffer. Murphy is still in the beginning stage of writing the script for such a sequel. Presumably he would reprise his lead part as Prince Akeem Joffer, Prince of Zamunda. Maybe he's King now. 

It's unknown who else would return, but Bell Calloway, who played Imani, the princess whom Murphy's character was supposed to marry, saw the pic of herself and expressed her interest in Coming to America Again or Coming Back to America or whatever the sequel might be titled. Watch her response below. 



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