See Jason Momoa's Heroic Aquaman Pose

See Jason Momoa's Heroic Aquaman Pose

Jun 16, 2014

There's been a whole lotta Marvel on the mind of late, but DC seems to be changing that with some big announcements and rumors regarding its upcoming slate of superhero movies. Last week we not only heard a report supposedly detailing a very ambitious release schedule for everything from Justice League to Wonder Woman, Shazam and Sandman solo movies. Then word leaked that Jason Momoa was circling the part of Aquaman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with a larger role planned for the DC hero in Justice League.

Momoa, whose most recent roles include the Conan reboot and a part in Bullet to the Head, all but confirmed his Aquaman part with an image on Instagram that should be pretty recognizable to those fans of the character. 


Yup, that's Momoa rockin' out a pitchfork that looks an awful lot like Aquaman's trusty trident. What do you think? A sneak peek at what's to come? 




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