See Jack Kirby's Concept Art the CIA Used to Fake 'Argo'

See Jack Kirby's Concept Art the CIA Used to Fake 'Argo'

Feb 25, 2013

We lost American comic book legend Jack Kirby, whose artworks have influenced generations of comic book nerds (professional artists included) in the 1990s, but actor Michael Parks recently portrayed the artist in the Oscar-winning film Argo. Based on the Iran hostage crisis in '79 and '80, the film follows how the CIA used a fake sci-fi movie to rescue U.S. diplomats in Tehran. The legendary Kirby's concept art was used to add a realistic addition to the CIA's cover plan. We've shared several of the artworks below.

If they look familiar, that's because we touched upon them when we mentioned the Kickstarter project Science Fiction Land a few months ago. The upcoming, crowd-funded documentary digs into the real story behind Argo the film, and Kirby's artwork will feature prominently in the movie. The hijacked concept drawings will be brought to life in Science Fiction Land, and seeing the art alone like this makes us want an all-Kirby animated movie in the worst way. What's most interesting about all this is how the many layers of Argo keep revealing themselves, and Kirby's drawings prove that imagination and creativity can be the key to many locked doors. [via Geek Tyrant]






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