Rumor: Ben Kingsley's 'Iron Man 3' Role Revealed, Plus How He May Fit Into 'The Avengers 2'

Rumor: Ben Kingsley's 'Iron Man 3' Role Revealed, Plus How He May Fit Into 'The Avengers 2'

May 30, 2012

So here we are. Iron Man 3 is now filming down in North Carolina, and word regarding who is playing who has been spreading across the web for the past few weeks. Our friends at Latino Review have had the insider scoop on this one since pretty early on, and now they're back to tell us who Ben Kingsley is playing in the film ... and, guess what, it's the villain everyone expected would show up in the third installment ever since he was first teased way back when.

Yup, LR says Kingsley is Iron Man's archnemesis Mandarin. However, according to them, Mandarin's role in the film doesn't seem to be as big -- he's being used as more of a silent backer for the central villain, Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce), who, with Mandarin's assistance, creates a new breed of super-soldier through nanotechnology. So Pearce, along with his new super-soldiers (they say this is where the recent casting of the characters Coldblood-7 and Firepower factors in), are who Tony Stark/Iron Man will square off against, with Kingsley's Mandarin taking a bit of a backseat, perhaps because they'll use this as a potential set-up to bring the villain back for The Avengers 2.

Naturally none of this has been officially confirmed by Marvel, so we'll have to chalk it up to fan speculation at this point. Why writer-director Shane Black would put Mandarin in the film after calling the character a "racist caricature" we do not know, though perhaps they've managed to alter Mandarin enough (ie: the casting of Kingsley) in order to sidestep Black's reservations regarding the character.

Do you like where this is all going? 

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